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This policy statement could be updated at any time following government guidelines and/or mandatory updates to safely work in line with COVID-19

  • Please do not proceed to the carvery without consulting a member off staff first.

  • When moving and walking around the restaurant please ensure that you are wearing a face covering this is mandatory by government guidelines unless of a medical exemption.

  •  Please use alcohol hand sanitiser dispensers allocated throughout the restaurant, on arrival and exiting the restaurant

  • We are allowing one person per table at the bar a member off staff will let you know you can make your way up, please bear with us on busy periods.

Toilets in our restaurant are regulated, following government guidelines there will be a reduced capacity allowed in our toilets. Should you need to use our toilet facilities please see the member of staff on the front desk.

  • Our chefs will always be wearing latex gloves at all times maintaining the highest level of hygiene possible, all front of house staff will be wearing face coverings for yours and their protection.

  • Children must ALWAYS be seated. Do not allow your children to play/roam inside.

  • Under NO circumstances can you join tables together, ignoring our risk assessment is breaching the Coronavirus ACT 2020. All safety measures are put into place to protect everyone. Please respect this.

      Table dining, Cutlery and Napkin disposal


      In the interest and safety of all stakeholders we have made some minor dining amendments and        the following practices are in place.

  • If you require wine or water glasses, please do not hesitate to ask any member of waiting staff and we will gladly make arrangements for this service.

  • All team members as a rule will wash their hand every time, they uplift plates/cutlery and used glasses. We shall endeavour to uplift glass ware at the base to avoid fingers going into the glass, additional 20-minute cleaning cycle is also required as well. Customer confidence is paramount.

  • Please dispose of your used napkins to reduce the risk of transmission to our staff.

  • On departure your table will be thoroughly cleaned with Selgrine Ultra and all fabric lightly sprayed with Dettol fabric spray to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Please bear with us on busy periods, it is a big change for us, and most importantly please do not take offence to our cleaning schedule we want you to enjoy your dining experience adhering to covid-19 hygiene. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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